Sunday, June 27, 2010

Remember the Road

The test of a man's strength is within those quiet moments where he has only himself to face, where masks cannot hide lies and each emotion does not escape his own mind.

Strength is not created within the scenarios where a man stands out to achieve and command, but forged quietly within the moments where you have only yourself to face.

The very first step outwards towards a road pursuing dreams and happiness, starts by the moment you answer to yourself. Not with the fancy words you hear from TV or read from the lines of epic plays, it is when you can tell yourself the meaning of your core, the weight of the things you want to protect and your reason to not lose your ground in defending them.

Understand that peace can only be achieved by giving every action your all, not hoping to merely pass it with minimal effort. At this point in time, there is no clearer goal or dream for you. Any half baked achievement is worse than a failure... for you will be stuck with it while wishing you could have done better. Failure, may be the first experience prior to success, but accepting failure all the time will dull the spirit. Failure is not merely another experience, it is a sign that you are not good enough to strike where you aim. If you still hold those dreams dear and true, never give up, train on and get it the next time!

Seek peace through excellence, seek self through honesty. May these words remind me again and again of a journey yet incomplete but worthwhile to march on ahead.

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Lin said...

It is indeed a letter to yourself. LOL cause so cheem...i dunno what u're trying to say. XD