Sunday, April 18, 2010

A gift to count on

If God gave us humans a gift to brave all these in life, it will be the spirit to never give in, never give up.

For the many numerous nights we have to face in doubt, fear and loneliness, we are given the strength to be relentless, to be compassionate, to be human as we stand our ground and fight for our own dreams and believes.

Nothing out there is an end to our means, the one real obstacle we will face is the one planted in our own hearts... our own fears and faked believes that led us to doubt the might of our true strength and positive convictions.

May the learning curve of life guide us towards our relentless pursuit of happiness and soul searching, to answer to questions of why are we here and what does it truly mean to be happy and satisfied to laugh at the end of 100 human years.

Don't stop, keep moving. Press on, keep learning!

Post inspired by the movie Defiance, starring the might of human will, conviction and passion in the cruelty and darkness during the Jewish exodus of WWII.

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