Thursday, August 12, 2010

There are no shortcuts!

NEVER trust someone else to finish an important job for you, EVEN WHEN they are paid to do it!!

It is always easy to promise and say words that are music to ones ears, but the sad fact is that people are often built with bigger mouths than balls, bigger butts than brains... perhaps I have also been too comfortably sitting on my butt too much to let the Malaysian High Commission pull this one on me. Apparently all that promise to help me settle my NS deferment issue was just a bad joke and now I am left to fend for myself a month later.

Sigh, what did i really expect when they say they would do it, should have saw this coming and chased them up. Another hard pill to swallow, but a valuable lesson i will not forget... Lesson of the day? Make sure you know whats going on with all the important projects in your life! There is no short cut to getting it done, the surest way is still through your own hands!


Kryptos said...

wah, u still hv to go for ns? how long do u get to defer it? u not planning to wait till u're an ah phek before u join ns with a bunch of ginna kia?

WZ said...

i think they will keep recalling me up to 30 i think? dun care d la, not going for it, i will juz keep deferring till they just forget about me. Working overseas is a valid reason after all >.<